Blog#11 Sep 13 - Stress & Resilience Tools

I recently ran a workshop for an organisation on stress and resilience and had some feedback from upper management wondering why I had not given the staff '5 tips for managing stress'. 

I checked in at the next workshop for the company and asked the area director if he thought the content had been relevant to the struggles they were having as a team and if he thought it would help them deal with stress. He said 'Yes!' I asked if he would prefer I gave him tips like breathing techniques etc and he said 'no, heard that all before'.

That's what we are all about - fresh, relevant tools for life. My aim is to tell you stuff that you have not heard before.

You won't be bored.
It will be relevant.
It will help you life and organisation flourish.

Read more about how NewInsight can strengthen your organisation.

Tools that are relevant, inspiring and that work!

Blog#10 Aug 13 - Tool Music Therapy

Therapy might be counselling or it might be art. Either way it should shift the way you are.

Love this clip from Maynard from the angry band 'Tool' explaining how therapy should work.




Blog#9 July 13 - Happy NZ or Not?!

Another piece of compelling evidence that we need to slow down and pay attention to what's going on inside of us and between us. It also confirms Marshall Rosenberg's observation that one of our greatest needs/fulfilments in life is to give to other. It's a shame that so much of our society is setup to demand/take or give under obligation rather than give freely.

And of course - money, success, and stuff doesn't really mean all that much.

Blog#7 March 2012 NVC+LW

I am really enjoying teaching Living Wisdom again! The year off was good as I consolidated some learning around NVC. The cool thing is that now I am teaching LW and the NVC stuff really compliments it well. That's a good sign of truth. It's cohesive. It all fits together like a puzzle.

If you are curious about what I am talking about - have a flick through your LW manual and see how much needs and feelings are talked about - then imagine how much richer that would be if you had more depth to your understanding of needs. You probably can't imagine unless you have done some work with me and feelings/needs/empathy cards, but trust's cool. Or even more than that. It's potent. It's gentle. It's profound.

Blog#6 Dec 2012 Gratitude

thank-youDon't get sucked into consumerism this year, give the gift of gratitude instead. Not a thin 'thanks', but a full explanation of why you are so grateful.  

When you...
I feel....
Because it meets my need for....

eg, thanks for baby sitting (Karen Young). It's so relaxing, and means I get to go and recharge, and do some of my own learning at the relate course. 

There you were wondering what to write in those Christmas cards weren't ya?!

Blog#5 28/11/2011 LW Vid

Just a friendly little video I made to introduce some NVC concepts to the Living Wisdom crew at this years Living Wisdom Presenters Conference.





Blog#4 8/11/2011

Helping a person to express their feeling aside from their evaluation will help you discover their unmet need. Only from here can we intelligently re-write strategies.

This is a just a teaser from Nonviolent Communication. Interesting concept here... It shows that many of the words that we would think were feelings are actually evaluations. If we pay attention to our true feelings we might find something quite different! Use the search function on the website to find 'NVC' and you will see a few new articles I have just put up.

eval vs_feelings

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davidOver the years I have honed my work and found I love working in areas such as Relationships, personal issues, God difficulties, trauma, depression, suicide, terminal illnesses and supervision.

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