NVC Empathy and Tiger Cards Guide


Empathy Poker:

1. 1 Player chooses a couple feelings cards that are alive in them at the moment and lays them out.

2. Other players take turn offering needs cards.

“Do you feel __________ because you have a need for _____________?”

Dance Floor:

To gain clarity for yourself or practice expressing yourself clearly, follow the steps (Jackel, Observation, Feelings, Needs, Request) on a current issue. If it’s a difficult conversation with somebody leave the Jackelout! Don’t jump to the Request too quickly and don’t be scared to go back and forth (that's why it's called a dance) while you figure out what you really are feeling, needing, and requesting.

My judgements and irrational thoughts are....
When I notice...
I feel...
Because I have a need for...
I would you to consider (or myself to) ...
(Check this out for some more information on the NVC Dance Floor.)

Here and Now Needs:

This can work well at the start of a small group meeting. Hand a pile of cards to each member and ask them to choose one ACTIVE/CURRENT/ALIVE need or feeling card and tell the story of that word making an effort to link it both to the present and a time when you were a child.

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