NVC Stories

Here is a little story from a person who used them with his son.

"During dinner we spontaneously made a game with the cards you created. I gave some game ideas and he made up a game that he absolutely loved, laughed heaps, was so excited he was jumping around the room laughing and we connected deeply with what was alive in each other. It was great.

First he chose his top 10 feeling cards, did a bit of empathy poker where I tried to guess the needs behind his feelings.He then had me pick out my top ten needs but keep them secret. Then we made up a fun creative story where he would tell part of it and put down his feeling card then I would make up part of the story introducing my next need in the pack.

I feel very grateful for your work in creating those cards and the help they have been to me and my children already (because of my need for connection, intimacy, and growth)."

I'd love to hear more stories of how you have used NVC philsophy or resources with the people in your life. Email me and I can put them in here to inspire and equip others!

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