Communication for Young Fullas



Communication for Young Fullas


Innumerable studies have shown that being able to
express yourself clearly and understand with equal clarity
what other people are saying to you is a fundamental
enabling skill of life.” -Source


In other words how you talk and how you listen are really really flipping important building blocks for your life!

I was going to call this “how to get the most out of your parents, or, how to get a girlfriend and keep a girlfriend, or how to get ‘a’s from all your teachers, but decided it might get me in trouble, but really, some fine tuning of your already existing communication skills can help you will all of those things.


Act Out Words. 

Communication Tools – Listening and Talking

From what I understand this week is about adding communication to your tool belt. Is that right? I was thinking two tools – understanding, and making your-self understood. They are the basic building blocks of a conversation or negotiation.

Soooooooo, communication.  
What does communication do for you? How does it benefit you? What do you get from it? How do you communicate? (whiteboard?pairs?writedown?)

Being Heard.
Do you think there is a difference from somebody hearing what you say, and somebody understanding what you say?

How is being heard and being understood different? (whiteboard?pairs?writedown?)

The first paper of my Engineering Certificate when I left school was communication. They taught us how to write formal letters etc. Pretty boring, but they pointed out something really important to me.

People will not always get my mail or message!

I sent a text to anna saying I was back so she could call me to organise this and it never came through. Ever sent a text and had somebody get the wrong idea? Ever sent a text and never had it arrive?


Who has had a time when you sent a text, or email to somebody and it was misconstrued, or became twisted and somebody got the wrong idea? Might have been a friend, parent, or whatever???

Do you mind sharing what it was that you said/wrote, but don’t tel us what you meant by it yet. Or a time when you got the wrong idea about something.

I text “Let’s talk on Wednesday at 10.” To client.

How could this go wrong?

-no date

-no location

-need to check they got the text!

-do I mean talk or counselling

-how long will we talk for?

-will they be charged?



Know what you want.

Prepare what you are going to say before you need to say it.

It is your responsibility to communicate clearly and carefully (no second guessing!).

It is the other person’s job to listen fully and respectfully.

You are both 100% responsible for your half of the conversation, but you both loose out if you don’t understand each other fully.


Joel Young

Joel 04 Joel is passionate about equipping people to meet their potential by identifying blocks in their lives and minds.

Qualifications & Skills:

Bachelor in Counselling

Managing Director of New Insight - Counselling & Training.

2000+hrs of counselling & coaching.
1000+hrs of training/speaking/facilitation
10+ Years of Presenting Living Wisdom Life & Counselling Skills Schools

Authored hundreds of short workshops across a variety of applications. Experienced in strategic direction, finance, analysis, marketing and team management.

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