Thought Catcher Journal

braincogsIt can be hard to catch those thoughts, but they significantly shape our lives. This might help....

 Feel free to copy past print or email. Being able to critically asses your thinking is foundational to mental wellbeing.



Living Wisdom - Trace, Face, and Replace Journal

It is our lies that betray us but the Truth will set us free


1. What is the feeling that is bugging me today?

(Eg: Frustration/Disappointment – at dairy for not stocking my favourite kind of bread.)


2. What is the self talk (or pictures) causing this feeling?

(Lots of room so write lots of self-talk!)
(“They don’t have my bread.” “I need this bread today.” “I drove all this way and they don’t have it” “What a waste of time” “They should have it.”)

3. What is the assumption/belief and the UBF that causes this self talk?

UBF: Feeling let down, Feeling disappointed
(“They should always have everything that I need.”)
(Note: Should, always, and everything type thinking ALWAYS cause trouble .)


4. What does God think about this? What is the absolute Truth in this situation?

(*It is ok that they don’t have anything in stock – I am not the only person in the *world that they are providing for.
*It’s not the end of the world, its just disappointing.
*I can make do for now.)

5. What then is my challenge in this situation?

("Put things in perspective by remembering the truth in the situation. Don’t let my feelings of disappointment ruin my whole day. Speak back to my feelings and remind myself that it is really ok. Let go of the belief that they should always have what I need.")

Joel Young

Joel 04 Joel is passionate about equipping people to meet their potential by identifying blocks in their lives and minds.

Qualifications & Skills:

Bachelor in Counselling

Managing Director of New Insight - Counselling & Training.

2000+hrs of counselling & coaching.
1000+hrs of training/speaking/facilitation
10+ Years of Presenting Living Wisdom Life & Counselling Skills Schools

Authored hundreds of short workshops across a variety of applications. Experienced in strategic direction, finance, analysis, marketing and team management.

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