Beyond Anger Management | Resolve anger and other strong emotions

"Joel knows what he is doing. He hits you hard where it hurts but the result is a better skill set and ways of dealing with anger. He cares about his students and understands their psychological needs. I felt like I was taking a well-rounded course." 
-UDEMY Student

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Become free from reactive anger and use its energy to make positive changes in your life and relationships.

Anger Course Description

This is a short but in depth course to help you get the reigns on your anger (and other strong emotions).

Intimate interviews give you glances into peoples lives and create a platform for each lesson.

The language and pace of the course makes it accessible and useful for anyone looking to have a more peaceful relationship with themselves or another.

  1. Section 1: De-Shaming anger, feelings, and needs.
  2. Section 2: Taking stock of the cost of anger.
  3. Section 3: Getting clear about what anger is and is not.
  4. Section 4: Practical CBT and Mindfulness approaches.

The course integrates principles from various credible schools of thought. (CBT, NVC, Narrative Therapies, Living Wisdom) so you are a practitioner looking to expand your knowledge of anger you will also find this useful.

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