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80% OF JOBS ARE NEVER ADVERTISED - So how do you get those jobs?! You understand and utilise your networks!

'Get a Job' Course Description

I have got lots of people jobs. Good jobs. I have done this by having a pro-active networking stance. I do this naturally, and decided it's time to share what I do to help other navigate their way through life's opportunities into jobs they love.

I'll step you through what I do in my mind. It's two simple steps.

Step 1. Broaden your horizons. When I was in sixth form a mate told me he had a job making amazing money doing window washing on sky scrapers. I couldn't believe it! I never forgot that story because it reminded me that there are always going to be crazy and cool jobs out there that I never knew about. This step is about intentionally investigating what these might be for YOU.

Step 2. Network like a boss. I was at soccer, and the captain mentioned he was looking for a programmer. My mate has said to me a week or so earlier that he thinking about getting a new job. So...I put these two people together. I didn't know if they would like each other, or if the roles would match, BUT I told myself what I always tell myself - 'I wonder what will come of this conversation'. You know what...he got a the job, and he has been there over a year now, and the are both grateful so it must be a good thing.

In this section I'll talk you through how to network like a boss, even if it's not normally your thing. It will likely feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but I'll share some insights that will help make it as easy as possible.


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