Suicide Prevention | How to support a suicidal person

This is an excellent and thorough over-view of suicide recognition and prevention. It is handled by the presenters in a sensitive yet confidant style. I can see this being a very useful tool for professionals in the industry as well as anyone who cares about others. I highly recommend this suicide prevention course and know that I will certainly refer back to it many times to come in the future. -Student Review

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Suicide Prevention - Course Description

What do you do when you suspect a person is suicidal? Do this course!

This comprehensive course is written and presented by two very experienced counsellors and covers everything from first response through to self care.

The course is suitable for anyone who is in contact with a suicidal person and wants to up-skill in their ability to manage the situation. This may be lay-workers, parents, friends, police, ambulance staff, school teachers etc. Anyone!

Section 1: Self awareness, stance, warnings.
Section 2: Warning signs, Suicide intent versus risky behavior, Statistics, Legal Requirements in New Zealand.
Section 3: Risk assessment. Low, Medium, and High interviews and debriefs.
Section 4: Risk Management, Support network.
Section 5: Self Care, Boundaries.

Do this course, now, so you respond at the best of your ability if the opportunity arises, and know that you have lifetime access to this course for reference.

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