Experience as a change agent.

The magic of small groups is experience.

You can learn information in a book, on the internet, at school, at church, at pizza hut. BUT, what really changes people is when information is applied and makes it into their hearts.

The longest 30cm in the world is the 30cm between you head and your heart.

To get a truth from your head to your heart you can as David Riddell says, “speak it loud, speak it often, and make a deliberate choice to believe it” and/or you can experience the new truth at work. Something about experience can seal a new truth, or move a new truth into your heart.

e.g. There can be the world of difference between hearing somebody loves you and experiencing that love.

As a small group leader you have the opportunity to create and foster group experiences that can hammer home new truths for people.

e.g. You could teach people that assertiveness is not the same as rudeness, but you could also create an environment that let people exercise assertiveness skills and experience that assertiveness as being different from rudeness.

The magic of small groups is experience, so please, don’t waste peoples time by just providing them with more head knowledge. Make it click!

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