Massive diet change. Less pain, less fog. No more drugs.

Most people know that I’ve had significant back pain since my car accident in ’93 as well as ongoing and worsening fatigue issues.

Lots of things have helped reduce pain over the years – definitely drugs, football, and pilates, but what I didn’t expect was that changing my diet would mean I could give up my drugs.

It’s been almost 5 months of being gluten, dairy, soy, and refined sugar-free. Now I am also drug-free. No gabapentin, ibuprofen and panadol.

People ask what I eat…well I eat food. Real food and it helps. Way more energy and less pain. I am eating way more, and have lost 5kg.

I’d definitely recommend giving up gluten and sugar for a month to anyone who wants to be healthier. If nothing else…it makes you eat real food. That can’t be a bad thing. Another surprising benefit was that I noticed a lift in mood after a few days. Pretty cool bonus.

I still have pain and I still get way more tired than most people, but it’s a huge improvement and it has to be better than filling my body with drugs.

Special shout out to Abby Soares and Peak Pilates & Physiotherapy – Millwater.

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