NVC Empathy Cards (feelings and needs cards)


Conversation and group cards to help you connect with your family, friends, co-workers, workshop participants, clients and the list goes on!

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This is a great resource for helping identify what feelings or needs are present. There is something about having a set of cards to flick through that seems to make it easier to figure out where you are at.

These are useful for professionals, lay workers, and individuals.

The trick with feelings is that many of the things we think are feelings are actually ‘assessments’ of a situation, and the problem with most things we call ‘needs’, is that they are actually ‘strategies’ that we use to fulfil our needs. Having a list of words limits us to the true feelings and needs which helps us better understand ourselves which increases our chance of meeting our needs and being able to be truly heard by others when we communicate.

*Quick reference set of feelings and needs
*Instruction cards with games you can play
*A mini ‘Dance Floor
*~60 Feeling Cards
*~60 Needs Cards

The focus on needs and feelings is something I picked up on from Marshall Rosenberg’s work on something he calls Non-Violent Communication.

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