Spicy Questions for Groups

Write down these questions on different pieces of paper. Put them in a hat. People take a piece of a paper when it is their turn and take time to answer the question. Facilitate the time so that people get a chance to tell their story and for others to ask about it and if they wish, answer the question also.

When the group runs out of energy for that question, move on to the next person. If a person choses to answer another person’s question, they don’t get to take a question out of the hat – they get skipped – so everyone gets a chance to share.

What is something from your past that the people here would be surprised to hear?
Why do you think they would be surprised?
What about your faith walk do you think is unique to you?
What were the highlights or lowlights of your school years?
What would you do differently with what you know now?
What are your family strengths?
Where do you add to these?
Would you have a shared bank account with your spouse (future or current) or keep them individual?
How come?
What do you think the disadvantages of your point of view are?
How much is too much? [single and married]
What are your views on masturbation? Male and female?
What would be your dream job? Why?
Do you think work should be fun or just earning money? Why?
Are you a hard worker or smart worker? Why?
Role Models
Who is your hero?

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