Blog#7 March 2012 NVC+LW

I am really enjoying teaching Living Wisdom again! The year off was good as I consolidated some learning around NVC. The cool thing is that now I am teaching LW and the NVC stuff really compliments it well. That's a good sign of truth. It's cohesive. It all fits together like a puzzle.

If you are curious about what I am talking about - have a flick through your LW manual and see how much needs and feelings are talked about - then imagine how much richer that would be if you had more depth to your understanding of needs. You probably can't imagine unless you have done some work with me and feelings/needs/empathy cards, but trust's cool. Or even more than that. It's potent. It's gentle. It's profound.

Joel Young

Joel 04 Joel is passionate about equipping people to meet their potential by identifying blocks in their lives and minds.

Qualifications & Skills:

Bachelor in Counselling

Managing Director of New Insight - Counselling & Training.

2000+hrs of counselling & coaching.
1000+hrs of training/speaking/facilitation
10+ Years of Presenting Living Wisdom Life & Counselling Skills Schools

Authored hundreds of short workshops across a variety of applications. Experienced in strategic direction, finance, analysis, marketing and team management.

Today I'm aware of my need for...

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David Sanders

davidOver the years I have honed my work and found I love working in areas such as Relationships, personal issues, God difficulties, trauma, depression, suicide, terminal illnesses and supervision.

Qualifications & Skills:

Diploma in Counsellling

10,000 Hours of counselling.
30 Years of experience in pastoring, counselling and communicating.

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