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During dinner we spontaneously made game with the cards you created. I gave some game ideas and he made up a game that he absolutely loved, laughed heaps, was so excited he was jumping around the room laughing and we connected deeply with what was alive in each other. It was great.
First he chose his top 10 feeling cards, did a bit of empathy poker where I tried to guess the needs behind his feelings. He then had me pick out my top ten needs but keep them secret. Then we made up a fun creative story where he would tell part of it and put down his feeling card then I would make up part of the story introducing my next need in the pack.

I feel very grateful for your work in creating those cards and the help they have been to me and my children already (because of my need for connection, intimacy, and growth).

Leadership Development

“Joel is one of the most perceptive, well-educated counsellors I have ever had the privilege to work with. He is a man of sterling character and deep wisdom — a very powerful and effective combination of attributes in his field of endeavour. You will be better for having known him as have I and all my family.”
Margret Hubbard – Director, Executive Money Managers and Investment Management Consultant, November 26, 2012


“Joel is a passionate and committed individual. He is an entrepreneur, who is committed to seeing not only his own visions, but the visions of others realised in full. He is a man of integrity and insight and I would be delighted to work with him on any project, anywhere in the world.”
Quintin Lake – Head of Corporate Responsibility at EDP, August 9, 2009

“Joel is a great Presenter. He has a unique gift of being able to connect with groups and deliver relevant practical insights with clarity and integrity. I can honestly say if you spend even a small amount of time with Joel, you will walk away changed in some way.”
Rene Aish -Key Account Manager at Amcor, November 26, 2012

“Joel is an excellent presenter who knows his subject well. He conveyed some difficult topics in a comfortable manner and is very approachable. His passion for the course taught and thought/planning put into it was always evident. Highly recommended!”
Bryony Groves – Account Director at International SOS, November 29, 2012

“Joel spoke at one of our business Knowledge Hours recently. His ability to engage with the audience and translate the topic (EQ related) in a way that was easy to understand was well received. We will use Joel again in the future and would recommend Joel as a SME speaker to other businesses.”
Shona Wilson – Organisational Development Consultant at Vero Insurance, January 1st, 2013

Pastoral Care Team Training

A big thank you for tonight’s session at Windsor Park – really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. You have a great presentation style, very easy to listen to and I loved the way you made it interactive!

Youth Worker Training

“We recently had Joel facilitate some training at our Youth Workers Meeting. It was invaluable. The content that Joel covered was pertinent to the expressed need. He has a terrific ability to see applications made to both self and work-related arenas, allowing for personal and professional development. All those that attended regarded it as time well spent and had lots to say on things learnt. Joel’s materials are a huge resource to us as a collective working with young people. I am eager to have him do further training in the close future. He comes with my high recommendations.”

Anger Management Course Review

Udemy Review

New Insight – Counselling

Client 1:

How many sessions of counselling did you have?
“2 or 3 – can’t remember”

 How did this change/affect your life/relationships?
“Dealt to my fear of being exposed, I did it and lived to tell the tale!!. Feel the fear and do it anyway!! Gave me the opportunity to see the truth, by kind but challenging questions.  Together with the course, it gave me time to verbalise my thoughts but with tools to see the patterns and the solutions.”

What would you say to anybody considering getting some counselling?
“Counsellors like people, they actually care.  Don’t be scared, they want to help you be the most awesome you, you can be.”

How would you sum up your experience of counselling in one line?
“It was safe but challenging, and very rewarding.”

Client 2:
“I came away from our conversation feeling hope. I turned down my first piece of chocolate last night. It felt good. Not like death at all.”

Client 3:
What was the main thing you learnt?
“How past experiences can have an effect on your well being later on in life.”

How did this change/affect your life/relationships?
“Communication and understanding of partner became clearer and more positive.”

How would you sum up your experience in one line?
“Better understanding of ones inner-self.”

Client 4:
How many sessions of counselling did you have?
“About 5 or 6”

How did this change/affect your life/relationships?
“Yes, absolutely. Really helpful in gaining truth that spoke to my situation.”

What would you say to anybody considering getting some counselling?
“It is really worth while and isn’t just for ‘messed up’ people. It’s a place where you can gain some serious truth that can radically change your life and help you conquer your insecurities and struggles.”

How would you sum up your experience of counselling in one line?
“Very effective and helpful, will absolutely do it again when the time suites.”

Living Wisdom Schools

Student 1
“Here is a little note for you Joel! This is a fantastic course & you are doing really well. I really do look at situations, people & my thoughts & assumptions differently now.

Also you are a great inspiration for me personally in the way that I have always though that I was really bad @ schooling etc and have been told by many people that very thing. And hearing you say that you also thought that…well it all just put it in words really. Looking @ what you are doing now after thing those thoughts is amazing!

You have also made me realise that I’m not dumb and that the areas of my schooling that I was bad in was tests & exams which could just mean that –pg 1.2 Flooding! Maybe – I’m not sure but anyway – I will work it out.

Thanks heaps.”

Student (25.3.04)

Student 2:
What was the main thing you learnt?
“I was telling myself lies and believing them.”

How did this change/affect your life/relationships?
“It empowered me to confront the lies with the truth, thereby freeing me from negative thoughts,, leading to peace instead of anxiety and burnout.”

How would you sum up your experience of Living Wisdom in one line?
“An educational course, that gave me the tools to great personal peace.”

 What would you say to somebody considering doing the course?
“Do it if you want to be the best you, you can be and you know that there is more to life but you don’t have the tools to get there.”

What is one word you would use to describe your experience of the School of Living Wisdom?

Changing, Facilitating, Increased Capacity (Some people don’t know what ‘one’ word is 😉 but I like it.)

How would you sum up the course in one line?

“The Red Pill.”
“A course that everyone should take.”
“I have tools that are enabling me to change for the good.”
“Downright scary, but worthwhile.”
“Like making a roadmap for your mind. Know your way round yourself.”
“The tools to understand how you work and how the people around you work.”
“Teaches you to counsel yourself and others.”
“Amazing course & enjoyable.”
“Tools to gain ‘living wisdom’ that unlocks truths for the ‘renewing of minds’.”
“Thank you very much I really appreciated the course and the energy you put into it.”
“When this stuff is understood & embraced it is life expanding.”
“It gets you to think about your life.”

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