• Embedded Literacy and Numeracy Training with The Learning Wave

This is about half of my week now. Facilitating conversations that grow people. Not in my counselling role as I used to, but with groups ranging in size from 5 people and up!

In this profession we often get called transformation junkies because our drug of choice is seeing people get those ‘ah huh’ moments! It doesn’t matter what the topic is. If I see people empowered, freed, and growing then I’m stoked.

The ‘training’ space has changed recently as corporates have come to realise that having the right conversations is more important than killing people slowely with powerpoint presentations. This means that my skillset of being able to quickly pinpoint gaps in ability and then facilitate a relevant conversation around that is highly valued.

If you want to grow your teams then talk to me. It doesn’t matter what the topic is. I can provide conversation that grows people. I do have some favourite topics and here are some of them!