In this profession, we often get called transformation junkies because our drug of choice is seeing people get those ‘ah huh’ moments! It doesn’t matter what the topic is. If I see people empowered and growing, then I’m stoked.

I have moved from doing lots of facilitation (training) to doing more work behind the scenes to set up learning journeys for the greatest impact. I do this by ensuring clarity of business outcomes remains connected to what happens in the learning journey and what’s reported/measured at the end of a program. I help organisations keep a learner-centred manner with business focussed outcomes.

The ‘training’ space has changed as we have come to realise that having the right conversations are more important than killing people slowly with PowerPoint presentations. This means that being able to quickly pinpoint gaps in ability and facilitate a relevant conversation around that is highly valuable.

If you want to grow your teams, then talk to me. It doesn’t matter what the topic is. I can provide conversation that grows people.

Here are some topics I have covered before: