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Joel Young’s Views on Therapy

I wrote this in a LinkedIn group the other day but wanted to capture it here as a snapshot of my view on therapy as of the tenth day of July two thousand and fifteen.

I have trained in CBT and also trained counsellors in CBT. Over the last 10 years the model of CBT has changed dramatically and so has research around the effectiv Continue reading “Joel Young’s Views on Therapy”

Experience as a change agent.

The magic of small groups is experience.

You can learn information in a book, on the internet, at school, at church, at pizza hut. BUT, what really changes people is when information is applied and makes it into their hearts.

The longest 30cm in the world is the 30cm between you head and your heart.

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Running Safe Groups

I used to have a mis-belief that said ‘adults don’t need much directing/correcting in small groups because they are adults’. I have found that that simply is not true. As much as it seems wrong to me to have to ‘whip’ grown men and women back on track, and remind them to use considerate language, I have found this to be absolutely necessary.

Some thoughts on Continue reading “Running Safe Groups”

Spicy Questions for Groups

Write down these questions on different pieces of paper. Put them in a hat. People take a piece of a paper when it is their turn and take time to answer the question. Facilitate the time so that people get a chance to tell their story and for others to ask about it and if they wish, answer the question also.

When the group runs out of energy for that question, move on to the next person. If a person Continue reading “Spicy Questions for Groups”