Brain Basics

The way you think changes the way you feel which influences the way you act, so what you think is important, however what makes you think the way you think?

Children are fantastic observers. As kids we are learning machines, constantly picking up new idea and information automatically. It just happens. There is a problem with this however. Due to being young we only have a limited perspective by which to interpret the new information that comes at us. This means there is a high chance that we will interpret it slightly wrong.

These conclusions that we draw in our youth go into the mix of beliefs that we just ‘assume’ to be true and they operate as a foundation for our thinking as adults. This is fine when what we ‘assume’ is correct, but the emotional problems we have in life as adults can usually be traced back to the faulty conclusions we came to as children. This is why as adults we often act like children when we are ‘bumped’.

My process in counselling is to help you to ‘tease out’ the thinking that sits below the surface and find what faulty conclusions are in your blind-spot causing you grief. You may think “I would know if I was thinking things that are wrong” but that is just another faulty conclusion. The fact of the matter is that we don’t know half of what we think because most of it lies in our subconscious or at least in our blindspot.

The conclusions we come to about life in our young years serve as a foundation for our life!

Credit to D. Riddell and R. Cook for inspiration for this page.

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