Hi, and thanks for taking an interest in me as a counsellor…

If you’re like me, entrusting your ‘stuff’ to just anyone is not going to happen unless you have confidence in them, and feel you know them a little better. It kind of helps us feel more at ease with them. So I guess I should let you into my life a little and see who I am. So the question often arises, “what are you like Dave? Tell us about yourself.” Good question I suppose. So here goes. Let me try to tell you a bit about where I come from and what spins my wheels.

I grew up with awesome parents and found that through my teenage years I was drawn to try and understand how we think and what really breathed life into us in a healthy way. I then found my friends would often ask my advice on serious matters which I discovered I was very good at doing and thoroughly loved. So my training began. I went overseas to the good old USA to Tennessee and did 2 years there then skipped to OZ to complete a further 3½ years in studies that were mostly theological (an awesome time for me). I then came back to NZ and took up work as a pastor of a church and a youth worker as well as having a counselling career which I did for 13 years. At 25, I discovered this amazing girl who became my wife and we now have three of the most awesome teenagers you could meet, full of life and fun. I must admit, it’s been a blast raising kids and would do it again in a heart beat. If you want to know what makes me tick it would be fishing, God, movies, good books, heaps of laughter, my wife and kids and the odd mischievous prank.

Anyway, 14 years ago I decided to up skill in my counselling work as I realised I was missing an understanding of pieces of the medical realm. So I came north to do a 2 yr counselling diploma. After graduating I settled in my wife’s home town of Wellsford and began work in 2 medical centres. One in Wellsford and the other at Whangaparaoa while continuing with youth and pastoral work, which as you can guess became all to busy in the end. So having done 27 years in total of this, I have decided for the moment to focus on my counselling work and in my spare time engage in seminars and speaking.

Over the years I have honed my work and found I love working in areas such as Relationships, personal issues, God difficulties, trauma, depression, suicide, terminal illnesses and supervision. I don’t work much with anger and violence, drug or alcohol (not my thing really).

So now I’m of the great age of 54 and feeling ever so young, (still 25 inside my head even though the body complains a lot.) I feel privileged to hear people’s stories and know they feel ok to ask my involvement in helping them. That’s awesome really!

Give me a call (027 281 6891) or email david@newinsight.co.nz