Joel Young’s Views on Therapy

I wrote this in a LinkedIn group the other day but wanted to capture it here as a snapshot of my view on therapy as of the tenth day of July two thousand and fifteen.

I have trained in CBT and also trained counsellors in CBT. Over the last 10 years the model of CBT has changed dramatically and so has research around the effectiveness of CBT. I have my own integrated model of CBT which I have woven in with Living Wisdom, Narrative Therapy, and Marshall Rosenberg’s NVC philosophy.

I don’t see Person Centred as an approach so much as a stance. Whatever approach we choose needs to be from that stance.

I find thinking about problems and progress in terms of beliefs, lies, truth, and emotions needs very useful with both the presenting issue and deeper underlying issues. I work both long and short term with people and find CBT (at least the way I apply it) to be useful at some points in therapy.

There are several ways to heal. I believe in a restorative relationship through positive and negative transferential experiences with the therapist. I believe in changing our thoughts to change our feelings. I believe in prayer and forgiveness.

That’s my 2c!

I have much more information about my approach at as well as a few online courses that are very affordable.

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