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Hi, I’m Joel. I injured my back two years ago while surfing, and haven’t been able to work the same since. I wondered if anyone else out there ever needed greater flexibility like me. I thought, if I could take the lesons I’ve learned through counselling over the years and get them into the hands of busy people when they want, where they want, would it be useful?

The answer = Udemy.

I remembered this platform and got to work creating online workshops for Udemy when my body let me. And now that they’re done, you can access my online courses whenever and wherever you want, for as long as you want.

Drawing on over 2000 hrs of face to face counselling I have put together some practical and in depth workshops and made them available to the public on Udemy.
NEW skills. NEW techniques. NEW insight. If you don’t learn something new and relevant, get your money back. That’s my UDEMY promise.
Give it a go!

Joel Young

LinkedIn Recommendations:”Joel is an excellent presenter who knows his subject well. He conveyed some difficult topics in a comfortable manner and is very approachable. His passion for the course taught and thought/planning put into it was always evident. Highly recommended! ”

“Joel is a passionate and committed individual. He is an entrepreneur, who is committed to seeing not only his own visions, but the visions of others realized in full. He is a man of integrity and insight and I would be delighted to work with him on any project, anywhere in the world.”

Qualifications:Bachelor’s Degree in Counselling,

2200+hrs face to face counselling experience
1000+hrs of group facilitation, & leadership development

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