Learn to play golf with Frazer Bond


Learn the basics of golf with Frazer Bond – the Director of Golf at Gulf Harbour Country Club.



Frazer Bond is going to take you through the fundamentals of Golf.

You will learn about Posture, Grip, and Swing, fully illustrated with different camera angles, and photographs.

You will master your backswing and forward swing with a full breakdown until impact, and then drills to ensure you build the muscle memory required to hit each ball perfectly.

You will then be guided around New Zealands incredibly scenic international course at Gulf Harbour – well in particular, the 16th hole. You will be stepped through two different strategies for playing the hole from teeing off till putting including some etiquette along the way.

At the end of this course you will confidently be able to play a round of golf knowing that you are building on a technical foundation that will not only help you enjoy the game, but may serve as the first step in your golf career.

4 reviews for Learn to play golf with Frazer Bond

  1. Joel Young

    Very good and explains the game well to a beginner. (Copied from Udemy Reviews)

  2. Joel Young

    A good instructor. (Copied from Udemy Reviews)

  3. Joel

    Very good and explains the game well to a beginner.(Copied from Udemy’s Feedback Section.)

  4. Joel

    This course has the basic that beginner need to know. Easy explain. Easy (Copied from Udemy’s Feedback Section.)

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