Online Course: Resolve Anger and other strong emotions | Anger Management


Become free from costly reactive anger and use its energy to make positive changes in your life and relationships.


“Good job Joel.Would have given it 4.5 stars if possible. Joel knows what he is doing. He hits you hard where it hurts but the result is a better skill set and ways of dealing with anger. He cares about his students and understands their psychological needs. I felt like I was taking a well-rounded course.” -Student

This is a short but in depth course to enable you to understand what you anger (and other strong emotions) are ‘fighting’ for.

I draw on 12 years of counselling practice and training to give you a very practical, and well rounded approach to your anger that you will find refreshingly easy to apply to your life.

Intimate interviews give you glances into peoples lives and create a platform for each lesson.

The language and pace of the course makes it accessible and useful for anyone looking to have a more peaceful relationship with themselves or another.

  1. Section 1: De-Shaming anger, feelings, and needs.
  2. Section 2: Taking stock of the cost of anger.
  3. Section 3: Getting clear about what anger is and is not.
  4. Section 4: Practical CBT and Mindfulness approaches.

The course integrates principles from various credible schools of thought. (CBT, NVC, Narrative Therapies, Living Wisdom) so you are a practitioner looking to expand your knowledge of anger you will also find this useful.

3 reviews for Online Course: Resolve Anger and other strong emotions | Anger Management

  1. Joel Young

    I received some wonderful insights through this course. (Copied from Udemy Reviews)

  2. Joel Young

    This course is very insightful and I can relate personally to it. (Copied from Udemy Reviews)

  3. Joel Young

    The interviews are relate able (Copied from Udemy Reviews)

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