I so do. This is a key need for me, and perhaps you if you are visiting this page. Feels so good when this is met, and so awful when it’s not.


  • I belong here because I am a fellow human.
  • I have a right to be here as much as anyone else.
  • The voice telling me I don’t belong is full of it.
  • I belong here because I was invited.
  • These people probably like me.
  • I’m going to assume these people want me here unless they tell me otherwise.


  • I’m going to invite myself out to hang with them.
  • “Can I come too?”
  • I’m going to ask again next time even if they say no once or twice.

I would REALLY like to hear what you THINK and DO to take care of your need for belonging. Comment below and I’ll either add it to the post above or just let the comments section grow for others to browse when needed. Thanks!

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