4 Overlooked Job Hunting Secrets

1. EQ Matters

People want to work with people that they get along with and some companies are hiring on cultural ‘fit’ before skills/qualification. If you are unaware of how you come across, and what others around you are feeling or needing then you’re not going to be fun to work with. Who needs that?! (Supercharge your EQ here.)

2. School, Grades, and even Qualifications Don’t Matter

Your success at school doesn’t matter as much as your determination, skills, and experience that you now have. Nobody is going to ask what your school grades were, but they will look to see what you have done since, if you have stuck at it for a reasonable duration, and if you have learned along the way.

3. It’s Who You Know

Forget your CV but don’t forget your friends and family! Companies would rather hire those they know through connection than from a tedious recruitment process. Stay in conversation with your friends about what you would like to do and ask them if they know of opportunities!

4. Choose Your Friends Wisely

Birds of a feather flock together…   You become like those you hang out with…
Bla bla bla quotes… – pay attention, because not only does Facebook show your connections and weekend activities, but your social circles shape your current knowledge, networks, and language. Those factors will be reflected in the opportunities that you are exposed to and attract!

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