Anxious technology

I have a love/hate relationship with speaking. I get anxious when I have to stand up in front of people. Yesterday I was looking at a room full of stakeholders with a shared vision of a NZ workforce with stronger digital capability. It was my job as The Learning Wave facilitator/co-designer to tell them about the pilot I’d just run at Buckley Systems. We had #MBIE#ATEED#Competenz#NZMEA#LMAC and #EMA and a few others there.

I reflected on that, and the mission. I firmly believe that we are going to have some serious issues in NZ if we don’t have digital transformation through our businesses. I realised that these people agree with me, and we are all doing something about it. That felt nice. I felt less anxious.

Why am I posted this up? Because the digital transformation we need isn’t just about technical training. It’s a culture change. We need to change our attitude towards technology and learning and we need to do this collectively. We need all layers of business to embrace learning about digital stuff.

I believe the biggest thing we can do to begin our digital transformation is to make space (time and energy) to learn and encourage our teams to do the same.

Of course, when I stood up, fun was had.


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