Do we discover or create ourselves?

“The difficulty and pain of change is the fear of giving away my identity to become someone I don’t readily recognize. Real progress means adopting a new and different identity.” D. Riddell, 2012

I think one of the lies we have been sold is that we merely ‘discover ourselves. This can be an expensive business involving OE’s, multiple romantic relationships and job-hopping. While I think that there is some truth in this discovering business, I also think that we create ourselves moment by moment by the thoughts and actions that we indulge. I think that this idea is less attractive as it takes more personal responsibility. The good thing about this responsibility though, is that it gives us the power to be who we dream of being! So go for it. Be an unfamiliar version of yourself if that’s who you want to be. Fake it until you make it. Wear it until it feels comfortable. Enjoy the new you. Think Miley Cyrus versus Hannah Montanna, but your version, and perhaps a little less Hollywood.

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