Mindset first when teaching digital skills.

Mindset/Attitude -> Learning Skills -> Contextual Skills. This is the order in which we need to approach digital skills.

Another great collaboration in Christchurch last week bringing the manufacturing sector together to talk about the digital skills micro-credential that’s been put together. Great to be working alongside LMAC Consulting New Zealand, EMA, Ministry of Business, Innovation and EmploymentBuckley Systems LtdCompetenz, NZMEA, Auckland Unlimited and The Learning Wave of course!

The group was pumped to be talking about how we can not just plug a skill gap, but create a truly future-proofed workforce. Highly skilled craftsmen that have decades of experience, with the right mindset, can learn the skills needed for the future of work.

I was struck by an insight that came from the group that developing digital skills is actually a ‘soft’ skill. The right facilitator is absolutely essential to the process. This is because of the emphasis required around mindset and learning skills. These are subtle, person-centric skills and learning opportunities will be completely ruined or overlooked if you are not dialled into the learner needs and ‘voice’ whilst training.

Here’s a cool vid talking about the pilot that I co-designed and ran over at Buckley Systems.

Link in the video description to the funded micro-credential. Have a look!

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