Want to present well? Stand up inside first.

Friday reflections…

If you are going to stand up in front of people and lead, you first need to be able to stand up inside yourself and lead.

The more I think about what makes good facilitation and public speaking the more I think it’s an inside job. The more internal peace and quiet you have, the louder the audience becomes. You can’t read a room if your internal house is screaming.

Facilitation is about them, not you. If you have been well looked after (good sleep, food, and a calm soul) then you will be able to be fully present with connecting your room with what they need to grow.

That’s my thoughts anyway 🙂 It’s been a long road coming from a highly anxious redhead who wagged school to avoid speeches to somebody who enjoys a bit of limelight here and there.

I’d be curious what your strategies are for creating internal quiet…?


a group of people sitting around a table

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