Angry? This is why…

If you don’t care for your car – IT will blow up.
If you don’t care for your needs – YOU will blow up.

There are many causes of anger but ultimately it comes down to your thinking. If you think your needs are not being met, then it’s likely you will experience anger as a response. It’s a primal emotion that is trying to defend our well-being. So, we need to listen to it! Just like we need to pay attention to the warning lights on the dashboard of the car, we need to pay attention to anger when it shows up in our lives. It means something is wrong. Either with our thinking or with our situation. Either way, it’s time to take a look under the hood!

Q. What is anger costing you currently?
Q. What emotional need is anger trying to alert you of?

I have just created an easy to use and access online course about anger. It contains some great interviews, lectures, diagrams and reflective exercises to help you get to the heart of your anger.

It’s easier than a divorce or jail time, kinder than broken friendships, and even cheaper than a single counselling session. Get into it!

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